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Over the years, technology has shaped and changed legal firms in the UK in many ways.  

Technology has helped legal firms to go digital and provide a streamlined client experience by allowing them to access case files online from anywhere. Technology has also helped automate many tasks, such as document review, contract drafting, and legal research.

These advances have freed up lawyers to focus on more strategic and complex work and have helped improve the efficiency and productivity of law firms while providing a better service to clients.

However, the introduction of technology also makes law firms more reliant on systems working as they should and increases the risk of sensitive client data falling into the wrong hands. For these reasons, law firms must ensure that trained professionals look after their systems in-house or outsource this to an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP).

There are many benefits for law firms in the UK to work with an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Blisstech Solutions.

Here are a few of the most important:

  • Access to expertise and resources: A good MSP will have a team of experienced and certified IT professionals who can provide law firms with the knowledge and resources they need to keep their IT systems running smoothly and securely. This can be especially important for smaller law firms that may not have the budget to hire in-house IT staff.
  • Reduced costs: Outsourcing IT support to an MSP can save law firms money in several ways. For example, when an MSP is managing your IT systems, there is little to no need to hire in-house IT staff, and they can also help law firms to negotiate better deals on hardware and software.
  • Improved security: MSPs can help law firms improve their IT security by implementing and managing best practices such as Cyber Essentials. This is especially important for law firms, which store large amounts of sensitive client data.
  • Increased productivity: When lawyers and other staff don’t worry about IT problems, they can be more productive and focus on their core work. A good MSP can help law firms to minimise downtime and ensure that their IT systems are always available and running smoothly.
  • Compliance: MSPs can help law firms comply with industry regulations such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Code of Conduct and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This includes implementing and managing security measures to protect client data and planning responses to data breaches.

Here are some specific examples of how Blisstech Solutions can help law firms:

  • Set up and manage cloud environments: Blisstech Solutions can help law firms set up and manage a secure cloud environment for storing and accessing data. 
  • Implement and manage security solutions: Blisstech Solutions can help law firms implement and manage various security solutions to protect client data.

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